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Virtual Expo

Welcome to the Gen-E Virtual EXPO!

Meet the Gen-E – generation of entrepreneurs! The ones who choose action over inertia and see an opportunity in every situation. A new generation of entrepreneurs, of heroes who challenge the world for the better.

On 29 of June, from 9.30 to 13.00 CEST, we invite you to join a virtual EXPO and meet & welcome where the 800 finalists young entrepreneurs, from over 350.000 across Europe, will present 180 business ideas they started and developed at schools and universities from 39 Junior Achievement network’s countries in Europe.

You are invited not only to attend & meet young entrepreneurs, challenge their business ideas, but also to VOTE for your favourite business ideas & teams! The Public Vote Award will be given to the most favour students’ company at the Awards ceremony on 15 of July.

Starting with EXPO, Gen-E young entrepreneurs will be competing at two annual European entrepreneurship contests — the Company of the Year Competition (CoYC) and the European Enterprise Challenge (EEC) for becoming the best Company and best Start-Up of the year.

Meet the generation of entrepreneurship of Junior Achievement!

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