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Moody’s Lithuania Trailblazer Award Judges & Criteria


  • Forward-Thinking - 40 %
    • Staying relevant in a changing world means looking to tomorrow with curiosity, optimism and energy. It opens the door to a better future for our communities and the environment.
    • Time frame:  will have an impact in the medium (3-5 years) or long term (5-10 years); addresses problems in the present but also looks towards the future
    • Challenge status quo – addresses problems that exist today (the more pertinent and current the issue is, the better!)  Doesn’t hurt other industries and/or environment
  • Principled -  30 %
    • Acting with integrity and making a positive impact on the global economy and in our local communities.  Positive impact can be seen or measured on a local level (new park, cleaner rivers, reducing pollution, etc.) It can be seen or felt with the naked eye – visible, tangible impact.  If it can be scaled cost efficiently/ benefits from economies of scale
    • It is an ethical business: Where does the profit go? Only towards scaling / expanding? Charitable donations? Upcycling? How is the social impact maximized?
  • Resourceful - 30 %
    • Committed to doing their part to protect and care for the environments in which we live and work. It may also increase their awareness of environmental concerns and further encourage others to minimize the impact they have on the environment. Zero / very little waste or even a positive impact on waste management   Increases awareness of environmental concerns
    • Encourages others to minimize the impact they have on the environment

Meet the Main Jury

Skaistė Salemonaitė
Vice President, Data strategy and People Analytics at Moody's Corporation

Miglė Andrunavičiūtė
Internal Communications at Moody's Corporation