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ManpowerGroup Ready for Work Award

Jonas Prising

“This is our moment to deliver on our purpose and reshape a brighter, better future of work and for workers. By investing in upskilling, training and mentoring for young people and helping them unleash their potential, we are building a more skilled, resilient generation of future leaders.”

Jonas Prising

Chairman and CEO, ManpowerGroup

Chairman, JA Worldwide

The ManpowerGroup ‘Ready for Work’ Award recognizes those teams that have best built work readiness skills during the competition.

The winning team will display ability, likability and drive, all of which are integral to learnability, and their project should nurture and inspire these qualities in others. Learnability is a key component of work readiness. It means the desire and ability to grow and adapt your skill sets to remain employable throughout your working life.

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Ready for Work Award

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About us

Every year ManpowerGroup finds work for more than three million people, over half of these are millennials. We know what skills employers are looking for and help people get ready for work, skill up and build integrated and inclusive workplaces every day. At ManpowerGroup we believe meaningful and sustainable employment has the power to change the world. That’s why our Sustainability Plan is built around learnability and employability: helping people develop the in-demand skills to be employable for the long-term.