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About EEC

Introducing the next generation of European entrepreneurs

The European Enterprise Challenge (EEC in short) is an annual competition organised by JA Europe, which brings together the students who participated in the JA Start Up ProgrammeAfter creating their start-up, launching their product or service, and taking part in national competitions, they will gather between the 29th of June and the 15th of July, 2021, to win the title of best Start Up of the year.

Soon we will know who are the 17 teams participating in this year’s EEC: check them out on Twitter!

Building Europe’s next generation of entrepreneurs

The Start Up Programme gives post-secondary students (aged 19 to 30) the opportunity to experience running their own company, showing them how to use their talents to set up their own business.

Students also develop attitudes and skills necessary for personal success and employability and they learn how to run a business themselves. They gain key understanding in self-employment, business creation, risk-taking and coping with adversity, all with the support of experienced business volunteers.

Every year, 20,000 university students take part in the JA Start Up Programme, creating more than 2,700 start-ups.